Home Décor and Interior Design Trends Inspired by 2020

Goodbye and good riddance to 2020! While 2020 is behind us, it left a lasting impression and fueled a number of new home décor and designs going into 2021. Take a look at these three 2021 trends the internet is buzzing about!

Edible Indoor Gardens

With spending so much time at home in 2020, some people took to gardening. This trend of indoor gardening is expected to carry over into 2021. Expect to see cute potted indoor herb plants adorning homes this upcoming year.


With the toilet paper shortage of 2020, bidets are getting more attention than in years past. Sources like Good House Keeping have it listed as one of their inspiring home décor trends for 2021.

Open Floor Plans, a thing of the past?

While an open floor plan can be easy on the eyes, it is not always the most functional. Many learned this the hard way in 2020 with separation and privacy being hard to come by. With many working and attending school from home, room divider sales have seen an increase.

Written By: Lisa Bowen, January 2021