Featured Hot Spot – Well Coffee Co

For our featured local Hot Spot this month, we are heading to Well Coffee Co.

Nestled next to Copper Hills Church in the beautiful community of West Wing, Well Coffee Co. has been a welcome addition to Phoenix’s Upper West Side.

The Northwest Valley is growing at an exponential rate, and both established and new residents are craving the addition of more boutique and locally owned restaurants and businesses. Well Coffee is providing then with just that sort of thing.

Having just opened its doors last fall, locally owned and operated Well Coffee Co. is proving to embody the mindset the Upper West Side has been working so hard to shift towards: community matters. In fact, that’s the Well Coffee tagline. Well also takes the concept a step further by supporting their fellow home-grown businesses, and sourcing their coffee beans, pastries and other ingredients locally. For instance, many of their pastries are provided by local bakery, Baker Wee, and the milk they serve comes from Phoenix-based Danzeisen Dairy.

As far as the actual Well Coffee experience? We could not be more pleased. The shop itself is clean, modern and airy feeling with large wall-to-wall windows and doors flanking the north and west walls. On any given day you’ll find customers quietly visiting with friends or working and studying on their laptops. As for the coffee? We say it is WELL. Ok, it’s more than well… it’s exquisite.

On this particular visit, we had their mocha, made with almond milk. It was delicious and we let them know. In response to our ravings, we discovered Well makes their mocha sauce in-house, along with the vanilla and many of their other signature flavors. And it definitely makes a difference. The mocha is dark and rich and chocolatey, without being overly sweet. That combined with the Peixoto Coffee beans they use for their espresso, we’d highly recommend giving it a try. They also have other fun, gourmet flavored lattes such as honey lavender, peanut brittle, orange clove and even the popular and health-full, turmeric latte. They serve a variety of pastries and teas as well.

If you’re looking for a new and different craft coffee shop in the Upper West Side, Well Coffee Co. is definitely worth a visit. They are located on Black Rock Blvd. off of West Wing Pkwy. in Peoria. You can find them on Facebook and also on Instagram, @wellcoffeeco.